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Random thoughts.
 Fuck yeah, I'm going to pull some stream-of-consciousness shit right here.

Let's go.  The world is wispy, isn't it?  It's almost as if the collective powers that be decided transparency was a better fit for reality than whatever it was they were going to put in its place.  Chaos isn't going to do much more for versimilitude, though, so perhaps it's best that the sideways corridors of the mind and ether are seemingly hollow and ethereal.  Death's just a passage into the unseen left and rights of those twisting halls, so perhaps the afterlife isn't much more solidified as life.  What's up witht the word "afterlife," anyways?  It implies "prelife."  Are these things the same?  Whatever.  Life is pretty great right now.  I think I'll stay a while.

Remind me to never do this again, this shit was crazy.


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